Shared & Cloud Services

Whether you share data from your phone, your computer, your office or around the world; whether you, your family or your staff subscribe to cloud-based service like Google or Microsoft Live; whether you use the printer downstairs or the one across the country; or whether your family or your employees access private shared folders, our friendly, professional and highly skilled technicians can demystify, configure and maintain this technology so it just works as if all these services were available on your personal computer.


  • We understand how important it is to manage your personal and business email, contacts and calendars. Our technicians make certain that your emails and related information is securely transmitted, synced and archived. We provide the email solution that works best for you—whether it is hosting your own Exchange server or using a cloud-based mail service offered by Google or Microsoft. And of course, we protect you from malware, spyware, viruses and other malicious attacks.

Network Storage

  • Network storage lets you and your users share “mapped” disk drives as if they were locally connected to your computers (e.g. Disk Q:). Users can work collaboratively using the shared applications and documents. Drives can be setup to be shared by everyone or access can be restricted based on users profiles, such as “accounting” or “boston.” Our technicians setup, support and backup your network storage. Network storage is a one of the most cost-effective technologies.

Cloud Storage

  • Cloud-based services such as Google, Microsoft and Dropbox allow you, your family and your colleagues to securely store folders/files in the cloud, either privately or shared with people to whom you grant access. These services enable you to easily and securely synchronize folders/files across all your devices. New cloud-based applications are continually being developed so you can, for example, edit documents, manage the same contacts and calendars on your phones, tablets and computers. Our technicians configure and upgrade your devices with the latest cloud applications, research the latest cloud information to protect your privacy and improve your productivity, and help you integrate cloud-based services into your every day life and business.

Account Profiles

  • Account Profiles control how shared computing resources are allocated to your users, such as what a user sees on their computer screen, what access a user has to applications and documents, what peripherals a user can operate, and when and where a user can log in. Profiles let your family or employees access shared resources so that the user sees their familiar desktop and has secure access to the folders, files and printers to which they have permissions. Our technicians automate the process of account provisioning to streamline managing your user’s credentials, their access to your shared computing resources and their personalized settings, as well as logging activity. Account Profiles help you to get the most out of your valuable computing resources.