Mobile Access

Managing mobile access to your sensitive personal and business information is a challenge. Our friendly, professional and highly skilled technicians can help you set up and manage custom secure applications on your mobile devices so you can access your private data whether it is stored at home, work or in the cloud.

Data Sharing

  • When you need to access, synchronize and store sensitive data from your computers, servers or cloud services on your Google Android or Apple IOS device, our technicians can help you connect directly to your private information. We can deliver a secure seamless data sharing experience across all your devices.

Secure Applications

  • Our technicians can install specialized secure applications for you and your employees to access applications on the networks inside your firewall. Using your company’s existing Account Profiles, Secure Browser allows access to your company’s intranet applications, such as SharePoint; Secure Docs allows users to view, edit, create, and store Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents and Secure Mail allows users access to corporate email, calendar, contacts, and more.